On the Adriatic

My first Custom Fit sweater:

Adriatic 1

(Which also happens to be my 12th sweater this year. How did that happen?! That probably deserves a post in itself!)

Of course, since I had everything perfectly prepared for the test knit, the knitting gods decided the first sweater would not get completed before the second or the third.

This lovely milky blue yarn was begging for smooth stockinette to show off the variegations with, perhaps, a hint of pattern for interest. I determined on a cardigan like my Katharine Hepburn: stockinette body with the lace pattern picked up for sleeves and a shawl collar/neck-band. And then CF came along at just the right moment to do all the cardigan body calculations for me. For the lace, I picked the Adriatic Cardigan — what else could have suited a yarn this shade of blue?

I used CF to generate a V-neck cardigan with a broad V, which ended at the underbust (CF allows you to specify precise body positions for pattern elements, which are determined from the measurement set you enter).

My gauge was the same for the lace pattern and stockinette, so there was no need to switch to a new gauge in the lace section. The basic stockinette cardigan is edged with i-cord, and then the front-band / collar strip is sewn on. And finally, an i-cord button loop.

Adriatic 2

(And yes, this post should have gone up a long time ago. Travel, computer death, etc etc…)

Pattern: CustomFit, inspired by Adriatic Cardigan, Interweave Knits Summer 2011
Yarn: Madelinetosh Merino Light; 100% wool; 384m = 100g; fingering wt; almost fully 3 skeins; “Well Water”.
Needles: 3.5mm for everything.


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