And here’s Koukla:

Koukla 1

A pattern photograph can sometimes strike so strongly that you have to have that sweater in that colour. I loved Koukla so much when I bought Brave New Knits in 2010 – in fact, it was the pattern which tilted my decision in favour of buying the book – that I couldn’t imagine it in any other colour when it came to knitting it.

As written, however, it could have gone rather wrong on me, with its high-necked tiny-sleeved baby-dollness. I knew I’d have to make the scoop-neck deeper, the sleeves perhaps longer, the ‘skirt’ definitely longer and more gradually shaped.

I used Custom Fit to create a high-waisted body measurement profile, and generated a scoop-neck, double-breasted, bottom-up cardigan. Then I tweaked the first pattern iteration to make a more obvious indent at the empire waistline. Following the original pattern, I cast on the Custom Fit waist measurements and finished the bodice, then picked up stitches for the skirt and knitted it downwards, reversing Custom Fit instructions (ie, increasing where it asked me to decrease). I picked the sleeves up around the armhole and worked them top down.

This pattern has lots of polished touches: vertical hem, inseam pockets made as you go, and turned hems. A pretty, wearable and staple sweater.

Koukla 2

Pattern: Koukla from Brave New Knits
Yarn: Cascade 220; 100% wool; 201m =100g; worsted weight; “Lavender Heather”; every bit of 5 skeins.
Needles: 4mm for everything, 3.5mm for picking up sts around the armhole.


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