Endless Summer

What on earth made me do two fingering weight sweaters in a row?! Nearly a month and only the body is done; who’s going to do the sleeves and hem ribbing ? What was I thinking? Why could possibly have driven me to do this?!


Ah yes.

The unbelievably pretty colour…


… and the exquisite pattern.

Oh well. Carry on.



This fabric, it’s like playing with soft moonlit clouds. I’m loving the light, frothy texture, and yet terribly, inexplicably, afraid that my yarn will run out.


This is intended to be a Thermal, from Knitty, and I’m making it with stockinette sleeves for textural contrast with the body. Easy, fun, soothing knitting, especially while listening to Jane Austen’s Juvenilia, which itself is delightfully frothy reading, best summarised by:

“Run mad as often as you chuse; but do not faint -” 

Grey Print Laurel

Another Colette Patterns Laurel, a simple little template pattern made a teeny bit unsimple.

small 03

I’d made some permanent changes to the smallest size already:

  • Eliminate the CB seam (so that the piece is cut on the fold) and remove another ¾ inch down the whole length.
  • Deepen and lengthen the darts slightly.
  • Flatten out the back of the sleeve – it was very puffy and rounded originally.
  • Deepen the waist indentations at the side seam and move them by an inch or so.

With these changes, the pattern fits me decently enough, and most importantly, doesn’t require a closure, which is way too much work to install for a simple shift dress. When I’m feeling less lazy, I will probably add an inch through an FBA; it is currently a tad too tight. And lower the bust dart by one inch too.

For this particular dress, I deepened the neckline by 1.5 inches (I should probably make that a permanent change) and added a keyhole with a tie. The sleeves were short to begin with (I was using fabric remnants from a couple of other projects) so I scooped them out even more. They’re now 1.5 inches long at the underarm seam, and about 4 inches from the top of the shoulder.

small 02

Pattern: Colette Patterns Laurel
Size: smallest
Fabric: printed cotton (it’s not quilting cotton, but I don’t know the exact name of this fabric) with lining material used for bias binding.
Time to make: one weekend.

I find that sometimes my life acquires colour themes. Check out the colour of the binding above and my Ondawa: twins separated at birth! And it’s not even my colour in any way!

2nd skein

I’m plugging away at the gazillion cables, but did find time to enjoy the winter sun by shaving a couple of sweaters. Such a soothing and gentle way to pass time! And look at the difference it makes to the two sleeves, below (top unshaved, bottom shaved)!

shaved sleeves

I left the fluff in tree branches for birds to line their nests with, but the last time I checked the ungrateful wretches hadn’t taken any.


Entirely frivolous post:

According to Wordle, my blog word count distribution is….
Wordles 15Apr14 1Well, duh, anything written in English will show that! Let’s try switching off the most common English words:

Wordles 15Apr14 2

Much better! Although, do I really write that much about ‘brioche’? And ‘pompom’?


9 Ways to Catch Blog Readers’ Attention

1. Start with a dramatic title which is only tangentially related to the post.

2. Explain that you haven’t been able to blog, not because you’re not knitting, but because you have no way of taking pictures in cold, grey weather while staying as a guest at someone else’s place, and a blog post without pictures is deemed an abomination.

3. Promise that knitting has been happening, prove it by pointing readers towards the Ravelry project pages which have been updated.

4. Tantalize readers with promises of a new and inspired creation, a self-designed pattern which is just perfect.

5. Talk rapturously about its colours, coming up with ever-so-many synonyms for red: scarlet, brick, burnt, deep, blood and boticelli.

6. Share a secret-sisterhood-smirk with readers who use Malabrigo yarn and therefore know precisely what you mean by the last synonym.

7. Throw in a yarn photo for those who don’t.


8. Cue gasps of admiration and horror by stating nonchalantly that you’re knitting an entire tunic with light fingering weight yarn.

9. Stop abruptly when you realize this whole post is ridicul…

Bleeding Hearts

A quick little project that was great fun to make, and perfect for using up a scrap of yarn. I used up a tiny little ball of Pagewood Farms Yukon, left over from my Geodesic Cardigan, and 3.5mm needles.

The pattern is the Cable Braided Necklace; and the colour suggested the name of this post – please excuse the tackiness!

I blanket stitched the ends closed, and used the same stitch to reinforce the loop  … or wait, do I mean buttonhole stitch?

I think it’ll look great with a navy t-shirt or crisp white cotton tunic. I’m quite fond of it already.