Mitten Surgery

Time to fix the floppy cuff!

I inserted a dpn into the right leg of stitches above the last  row of ribbing, just before the colourwork. See the purl bumps below the needle? Then I snipped and unravelled the row below to take the cuff off.

Now the stitches on my needle were, of course, the running threads between my original stitches. Knitting them in the opposite direction – opposite to the original direction of knitting – would mean each stitch would be offset by half.

See how the green stitches are growing away from the colourwork, and each green column is actually between the original knitting columns? This is why I was carefull to cut the entire cuff off – to prevent that ugly offsetfrom turning up in the middle of the cuff.

For a great explanation of this, check out Techknitting.

I am pleased with the results! FO’s coming soon!

Meanwhile, my poor Drops 103-1 jacket, abandoned in the middle of all this tiny needle colourwork madness, has been picked up again. Only one sleeve and the bottom left! While trying it on for size, it looked like a cropped jacket. And it looked… good.

I was startled because, you know, it is style heresy to wear cropped jackets if you’re short. All the fashion advice-givers warn you – correctly – that a line across your torso makes you look .. cropped. But now I get it! It’s a straight line that does that! Turn that line into a diagonal (as the weight of needles turned my Drops jacket into) and – hark this, fellow petites! – cropped is good!

Now I want to make myself a cropped colourwork jacket – using this and only this pretty pattern. Soon.


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