If there is a tactile way of expressing the delights of neatness and precision, then it must be the Endpaper Mitts.

Watching any stranded colourwork pattern emerge from under your needles is such fun;  this pleasure is all the greater when the pattern is so very neatly graphic and geometric.

I’m very happy with this colour combination – pale grey and bright sunshine yellow. Isn’t it funny, though, how the grey seems so much bluer when next to the yellow?

These mitts are indeed “small and snappy” . I cast on yesterday..

And despite spending much of yesterday on another project and watching movies and generally having a good, unstructured, unplanned weekend, I’m already at the thumb gusset increases.

I love the way the little yellow diamonds look like stars if my eyes go unfocussed. (I may be spending too much time gazing at the fabric and not enough time knitting!)

Although… I dont really like the cuff. I didn’t have the 2mm needles required by the pattern, so did the cuff with 2.5mm …. and I think it looks sloppy and large compared to the body of the mitt.

Tucked in, with less than one cm showing,  is so much better!

So I might cut the cuff out later and reduce the length. Stay tuned!


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