Operation Sock Drawer

Remember when I culled and categorised my handknits, and realised how pathetic my collection of socks was? That I, a knitter, was condemned to cold, cold toes when I travelled? How sorrowful was this collection, and how quickly I had to discard everything in it for being darned and patched beyond counting, felted to unwearability or mysteriously lost?

P1090999Weep no more!



Gulls and Stones

2016-08-06 13.14.36

Elm Turner

2016-07-16 10.48.48

Chevron Thyme


CoP Legwarmers






Knotty or Knice


Delicious Nectar

2016-07-22 13.57.30

And the last, unblogged Sidewinders

I see a lack of red/orange colours, so know exactly what to make next year. And I’m happy to report, I’ve been wearing these socks a lot. On flights, during travels, when the air conditioning is too cold… they have all proved themselves worthy!


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