Some Progress

The back of the ‘bella is done! Being mostly stockinette it goes at a decent pace, provided one actually works on it. Right now it looks like a squashed bat, but I can see the potential!


As you can see, the faint traces of pink have flashed across the large bottom section in the most determined way. Which tells me I shall have to alternate skeins from now on.

I’m really not looking forward to making two full length sleeves after the gigantic back and front, but am not sure of how much yarn I’ll have left. Perhaps I can weigh the back and do some complicated calculations? After all I do know how much yarn the sleeves will take, since I’m making them from the same Custom Fit pattern as my Thermal Kitten. Ok then…

Weighed and calculated. Nope, cannot take the risk. Will have to finish the front and neck ribbing, then work sleeves to maximise yarn usage. Grrr.


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