The Accessories

The final post in this series of sorting and discarding handknits! And when I say ‘discarding’, of course I mean ‘find loving homes for’, or ‘give to charity’.

Here’s the whole lot (kinda scanty, right?):


From left to right, top row:

Braided Scarf, Seed Stitch Cloche, Endpaper Mitts, Aerang, Epistrophied, Sideways Garter mitts, Sweet Copper Beret, Chestnut Cabled Knee-Highs, Honey Cowl, Annis, Undergrowth, Brambles Beret, Leyburn.

And left to right, bottom row:

Forest Flower, 14-Cable Band, Candleflame beret, Mermaid gloves, Soap bubble, Zigzag gloves, Snails!, Slouchy Sleeves, Grey Leaves, Bacchus, Brioche Collar.

My criteria for selection were simple: had I worn them at all? If not, was it because they were ugly or unsuitable? Could the ugliness or suitability be fixed?

So I decided to keep most of my hats, gloves, mittens and cowls. And now I know I need to knit more hats, cowls and fingerless mitts in adaptable colours. Even a highly variegated one like the Honey cowl has been soooo useful because it goes with (or contrasts well against) so many things I own.


I decided to discard some hats and scarves. Lesson learnt: more structured hats, no skinny or dangly shawls and scarves.


I also made the shocking discovery that all but one of my handknits socks are beyond the stage of resuscitation by darning! I had to discard everything below, and seem to have lost a couple of pairs over the years. More socks, now!!


Well that’s it! I have a knits collection that breathes easier now, and I love everything in it. I’ve also identified gaps, and am choosing projects keeping those garment and colour missing links in mind. Here’s to a more organised and pretty future!


4 thoughts on “The Accessories

  1. I need to go through my shawls and weed out, but it’s so hard to imagine giving up even one! I tend to be drawn to the same colors, so my discovery would likely be that I have too many in certain shades. Enjoyed watching your process, and jealous of all your lovelies!!!

  2. you really knit in a rainbow of colours, I love it! I recently came to the same sort of discovery about my mittens as you did for your socks… I need all sorts of new mittens now!

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