The Heavyweights

Let’s continue today with the heavyweights – worsted and bulky. As usual, all pictures are read from top to bottom and garments are sorted into Keep, Reconsider or Fix, and Discard.


Purples and Violets
Beatnik – If the last one was a list of Don’ts, this one is full of Do‘s. It’s tweedy, flecky, warm, light and most importantly, has ease for layers underneath. I modified this one to knit it mostly in the round and seamlessly, and did many complicated calculations to steek in a hood. It’s proved its worth over and over again. Keep.
Braided Pullover – This one is so gorgeous and flattering. I love the rich, deep, purple. And the yarn is a yummy, squishy, soft Zara Plus. But a worsted weight tight sweater doesn’t work in my life. Maybe in the lives of those with central heating, but not those of us who have to rely on layers and our mammalian ancestry. Luckily I’ve already found a good home for this beauty. If I ever find this colour again, though, I’m definitely making myself a cabled squish. Discard.
Lotushima – Great sweater. Not yet field tested, but I dare anyone to pry it from my cold dead hands. Keep!
Koukla – Very few patterns inspire me so much that I actually knit them in the same colour. This one did, and I’m glad of it even though light violet isn’t a colour I usually wear. I totally customised this one adding more bust shaping, a deeper scoop, longer sleeves and changing the waist ruffles into sleek shaping. Love. Keep!



Nanook – I find waterfall drape fronts (unless they’re really long) very unflattering on me. This cardigan’s been adopted already. Discard.
Farmers’ Market – Love at first sight! Squishy Zara Plus again! But my young and inexperienced self did not realise that I need thick cardigans to close in front, otherwise they’re pointless. Good home already found. Discard.
Rosamund’s Cardigan – Wait, why don’t I wear this one more often? Because I can only wear thick cardigans when I travel to cold places, and when I do, I’m saving precious suitcase spaces for pieces I love. And this one, I don’t. But I still want to wear it, so for now… Keep.



Greens and Yellows
Dusseldorf Pullover – absolutely adore this one. The colour, my modification to a wrapped V neck, the sleeker cuffs. It’s striking, it’s beautiful, it’s warm and a perfect fit. You will pry this from my cold dead fingers (YWPTFMCDF) category. Keep.
Sideways Spencer – I invented an entirely new stitch pattern for this one, but have never worn it. Probably because a spencer needs to be worn with a dress, and I don’t have any that goes with it. I should probably discard, but don’t wish to yet. Keep.
Cusp –  YWPTFMCDF. Keep.
Ondawa – not yet field tested, but a very stylish garment. Keep.
Kimono Style – Man, how much I modified this one, and what a perfect, flattering, garment I created! I loved and wore this one, but again: worsted weight – tight fit – need layers – look like sausage. Discard.



Reds and Pinks
Carnaby Street Skirt – Alas for my beautiful pockets and shaping that I don’t live in a climate where I need warm skirts! Discard.
Aidez – It’s warm, it stylish and it’s striking. The arms have almost no ease, though, so it’s only good for long-distance flights when you’re wearing a very light layer inside, and just need to snuggle. Keep.
Burrard – I love it for the same reasons as my Dusseldorf. Keep, keep, keep.
Silk Cocoon – Not yet field tested, but I like. Keep.



Ribbed Bolero – Ah memories! One of the first things I ever made for myself, before I discovered the explosion of knitting on the internet. Sadly it’s acrylic and has suffered some time damage. Discard.
Opposite Pole – I love this one, it is as striking, unusual and beautiful as Cusp. YWPTFMCDF. Keep.
Drops 103 – In the early days of Ravelry, everyone knit this pattern. I changed mine to a seamless raglan and a funnel collar. This has proved to be an astoundingly useful garment, with a colour that goes with so much in my wardrobe, a style which adapts to every occasion and  a fit which flatters each time. Keep, keep, keep.



And Finally…
Huh, I seem to have very strong feelings about my heavyweights – there’s nothing for fixing or reconsidering!

I’ve decided to Keep:


And to Discard:


Next, Accessories!


2 thoughts on “The Heavyweights

  1. I’m so impressed with your knitted rainbow of knits, and good for you for seriously reviewing all the knits. What happens to the discard pile? Are you frogging them, or re-homing them?

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