Warm Little Kitten Sweater

‘Tis done!


love this colour. It’s a brownish grey, and that sounds dirty and smoggy, but is actually very delicate and beautiful. The brown also makes it a warm grey, perfect with warmer skin tones.

Not much more to say here beyond what I’ve already mentioned. I generated an hourglass shape, close fit, scoop neck pullover with CustomFit, using my stockinette gauge. I worked the body only in the stitch pattern, keeping the sleeves in stockinette. I haven’t decided on the buttons yet, but made the holes anyway. And finished all the twisted ribbing with tubular BOs to maintain the refined feel of the sweater.

Also, have you joined the #howiknit hashtag party on instagram? Here’s how I do it!

Hashtag party!! #loop2loop #howiknit

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Look at those delicate princess seam shaping lines. I love!


Pattern: Thermal from Knitty
Yarn: Madelinetosh Merino Light, 2.60 skeins, “Kitten”
Needles: 4.0mm and 3.5mm. However, I knit lever style for most of the sweater, so the effective needle sizes are probably a size down. If you watch the video above, you can see how the yarn holding position doesn’t allow the loop to go as much around the needle as ‘regular’ knitting would, leading to the creation of smaller size stitches.
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5 thoughts on “Warm Little Kitten Sweater

  1. I love both the sweater and the “habitat”! The juxtaposition of a sweater in a tropical garden is really fun.

    I wonder if you could comment on your design style? Do you design on the needle or do you sketch and write a pattern and then knit from the pattern?

    1. I usually swatch with a needle and yarn I like (not necessarily what is in the pattern), and use the swatch info to calculate numbers for the sweater shape I want (based on my measurements). Lately, I’ve been using CustomFit for this process, to save on the manual calculations!

  2. It looks fantastic, and I love the Kitten colourway you chose! I knit thermal a long tume ago, but I regret my colour choice. I doubt you’ll regret your choice, it’s beautiful!

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