The Life Changing Magic of Pretty Knits

I started out by doing another Rainbow FO day, but decided to put a little thought into it this time. I want to keep the pretty, joyous stuff, yes, but also the ones which work, with my lifestyle and wardrobe.

I haven’t read Marie Kondo’s book yet, but all the reviews and media frenzy it has generated have convinced me that I must; not for guidance but for vindication. I confess I’m the type of person who is quite horror-struck at the amount of stuff the knitting world thinks necessary – a boundless stash, millions of dinky stitch markers, multiples of every needle size. At least – this was the case a few years ago when I first discovered knitters online; now, I’m happy to note, a more thoughtful buying pattern seems to be setting in.

Of course, everyone must decide on their own level of comfort with stuff. And we all have our own ideas of the ideal, hardworking wardrobe. For some, this may be a cool, stark palette of neutrals, but I confess that the very idea makes me shudder because I love colour. But I realise that a clown vomit wardrobe is a bit useless, which is particularly galling to someone like myself who loves being a product knitter.

I want knits I can wear (even if only in a specific season), which warm me in the way I like (no elbow-sleeved woolies), which work. I want to keep the ones which spark joy, decide which ones can be tweaked, and which ones to bid farewell.

So I piled up all my laceweight to dk weight FOs:


And my  worsted to bulky weight ones:


And also my accessories:


Join me as I sort through them over in posts over the next couple of weeks, deciding what to keep and what to give away!

PS: I should add, I’ve already finished the culling in a single afternoon, and am only posting about it in stages. I don’t recommend lingering over this process because that’s the beginning of emotional attachment to stuff. 


11 thoughts on “The Life Changing Magic of Pretty Knits

  1. Im reading the book right now, but the mere thought of having to start with knitwear makes me shudder.. You are one brave soul! Also: I don’t have that many fos as I leep giving them away… 😦

  2. Such a great idea to evaluate your knits on the finished product- I’m definitely a product knitter more than a process knitter. As for the yarn accumulation, I so badly want to destash! This year, I’m focusing on knitting from my stash, and/or giving away skeins that aren’t working for me.

  3. Witaj LIAM !   Przepraszam ,że dopiero teraz pisze , ale nie wiem gdzie moge zostawic komentarz na Twoim blogu . Przepraszam ,że pisze po polsku , poniewaz bardzo słabo znam język angielski . Podziwiam , oj bardzo podziwiam Twoje sliczne dzianiny . ja tez dziergam , oczywiście  daleko mi do Twoich umiejetności .  Duzo czasu pochłania mi walka z …canser ” ale nie poddaje sie !!!! :D. Ty jestes wytrawnym artysta ,  Ja ciągle raczkuje . dziergam wolno , ale cokolwiek uda mi sie zrobic , to uznaje to za mój sukces . Mam tez problem z e sprzedażą swoich wyrobów w Polsce – tu sa zupełnie inne realia niz poza moim krajem . Nie wspomniałabym tego aspektu , gdyby własnie nie moja choroba , bo niestety to  choroba ,,bogaczy” a ja jestem  no … takim sobie przeciętnym człowiekiem . Ale ciesze się ,że żyje , że mi się udaje , że nadal chce się uczyc czegos nowego .PIEKNE są TWOJE wzory i jesli pozwolisz , to może coś sobie wydziergam – pewnie ,że nie tak jak Ty 🙂 i oczywiście szanuje prawa autorskie . patrząc na Twoje prace , już robi sie cieplutko i miło  🙂  …I pochwale się tez , …..kiedyś byłam w LONDYNIE , sprzedawałam   moutain handmade , …potem miałam propozycje pracy w galerii. Żałuję ,że nie mogłam zostac , ale te miejsca , ktore udal o mi się zwiedzić , to sobie cenie ogromnie – uwielbiam historie , a zabytki w London City SĄ BARDZO INTERESUJĄCE  🙂    Pozdrawiam Cie bardzo serdecznie z Polski !!!! 😀 😀   eLWIRA /ervena :d       W dniu 2016-01-24 12:29:13 użytkownik Lime Scented napisał: Limescented posted: “I started out by doing another Rainbow FO day, but decided to put a little thought into it this time. I want to keep the pretty, joyous stuff, yes, but also the ones which work, with my lifestyle and wardrobe. I haven’t read Marie Kondo’s book yet, but al”

    1. Hello, I used Google translate, so I think I caught the basic meaning of your message! First, my knitting skills have improved through practice, and reading about new skills and techniques online. And by never following a pattern exactly as written. Secondly, are you asking whether I sell my knits (that part was very unclear in google translate)? I don’t sell them, only gift. But mostly, I just make things for myself. Hope you get well soon, and enjoy knitting!

  4. Marie Kondo is a genius. I’ve read (and reread) her; you definitely have the right spirit. I had a similar revelation about my yarn stash: I can just discard most of it…? Very liberating!

    I’ve noticed that you plan to store some of your sweaters more visibly. You might find her folding method helpful. The key is to fold things so that they stand upright; that way you can see everything at a glance and nothing is hidden at the bottom of the pile. It also takes up less space, which may come in handy with bulky sweaters.

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