Navel Gazing

Brooklyn Tweed released their first CAPSULE collection a few days ago, and it is gorgeous! I was totally smitten by Cusp, even though it is highly unlike anything I ever wear. However, I’d been thinking of making myself a large poncho thingy for a while now, and when I saw this, I just KNEW it was meant to be.


This lovely tweedy, flecky, yarn (Classic Elite Portland Tweed “Golden Green”) was originally saved for a Leitmotif cardigan, but I’ll make that with something else now. Although the yarn is Aran weight (as opposed to the worsted weight required for Cusp), I figured it would be an easy substitution because of the way the pattern is constructed: it is, basically, two circles knit in the round, each radiating outwards from a belly-button start; they are finally joined around the top halves of their circumferences for the shoulders while the bottom circumferences get a ribbed hem. And additional ribbing finishes the arm slits and neck.

I was very wicked and did not swatch. See, something knitted in the round should be swatched in the round. So a correct swatch for this sweater would be a centre-out piece… which is the actual beginning of the sweater itself. So I used the first few rows as the swatch, and decided to just stop knitting it once the circle was large enough. I’m making the back first, to get an estimate of how large the front circle needs to be, and I’ll probably steek in the arm slits on the front. And I’ll definitely steek in a V-neck, no high crew neck for me!

I’m well on my way through the back now; this is so much fun!



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