Shameless Product Association

About a month ago, I had thought I’d left my knitting mojo loss behind. I was going to cut, knit, sew, create! A million, million things before the year ended!

Oh dear. We got a dog. And then came a month of full on utter exhaustion. I now know what new mothers feel like, except I’d like to point out that newborn humans cannot walk and run and chew everything. What’s that you say? Human babies have opposable thumbs and can get into even more trouble? Time to throw down my trump card: human babies can be diapered.

Anyway, the brat did take a nap or two:


During which I managed to cut and sew myself a Muse Natalie dress.

01 Front

I cannot say enough good things about this pattern. The instructions were clear, the result is flattering and I love the fact that level of ease built into each part of the pattern was just right for knits: mildly negative for the bust area, barely positive for the waist and a little more positive in the hips. It hugs the body in all the right places and gently skims over where you don’t want  any cling.

I cut the second size throughout and only faked an FBA by cutting the front piece in the third size in the bust area and grading down to a size lower by the time it reached the hips. Instead of interfacing the centre triangle, I basted it to a piece of woven fabric cut the same shape. With no access to a serger, I sewed seams with a narrow zigzag and finished raw edges (though they didn’t really need it) with a wider zigzag. Everything looks fine from a distance; close up some seams are a bit wonky, but since this is my first proper knit garment I’m not beating myself up!

Next time (oh yes, there will be one) I’ll make the following changes:

  1. Add a little more length to the front skirt, in the centre only — it rides slightly high now.
  2. Make sleeve caps a little less tall, since they seem to poke up a little.
  3. Leave out the waist ties, don’t really need them.
  4. Cut 3/4 sleeves longer than the given pattern length, or add cuffs.
  5. Cut the overall length at the given dress length so I can fold up a more substantial length; I cut this one about 3″ shorter and it is a bit too short now.

As promised in the title of this post, a shameless attempt to make my dress look even cuter through product association:

Puppy 01

(Yeah, he’s always blurry. And already I’m thinking: He’s grown!! Where’s the toddly little thing I had last month?)

This is the back (with obligatory photobombing by the creature):

Back 01

The fabric is a nice stable-ish cotton jersey and I love that I now have a great, basic, neutral dress! I know bright magenta doesn’t read as ‘neutral’ to most people, but in the context of my wardrobe I’ve decided to define neutrals as ‘serving as background to show off my handknits and jewellery’.  And that’s it, really!

02 full


6 thoughts on “Shameless Product Association

  1. He’s adorable! The puppy phase is a mad one though. There was a time we actually considered baptizing ours for all the madness he seemed to be capable of. And oh, all that peeing and pooping!

  2. the dress is stunning- I can see why you will be making it again, it looks super flattering and would be amazing in just about any colour or print. And congats on your adorable new puppy!! I hear puppies can be a real handful, they require a lot of training. Good luck!

    1. Thank you Julie! It’s also really easy, I would absolutely recommend this pattern to a beginning sewer. the puppy is probably a little strange crazy these days because he’s teething!

  3. Your dress is gorgeous!!!! The puppy, ADORABLE! I hear you on the diaper thing! Thankfully I am 4 years out on the puppy training, and 16 years out on the baby training!

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