Linking Up

I’ve finished most of the Chainlink pullover!

top done

I’d been going like a house on fire, when I ran out of yarn. I had foolishly underestimated the yardage consumed by all the dangly bits, and so had to wait a while until the new skeins arrived. Luckily, they are the same dye lot!

The top part, converted to a seamless raglan and the neck shaped with short-rows, is done. Now I only need to do the bottom rectangular flaps at the sides. And then I’ll be truly finished.

I have to admit to a strange dread while saying that, though. The thought of even more knitting on this, after already doing so much is just… just.. just. I was whinging a little to myself when I tilted the camera to take another angle, and look!

Natural bokeh

Natural bokeh!

Now I suppose that is as good as sign as any that I need to continue with this sweater, but I’m the jaded, cynical sort so I tried on the sweater. Unblocked and incomplete it is still a beautiful garment. Ok, on to the bottom flaps then.


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