Wintage Wednesday

(Better than Vintage Vednesday?)

Slimline jumper

This versatile sweater would indeed be an asset to my wardrobe, girlish or not, if I could get my arms through it. Note, however, that when I knitted it in November 2006 the sleeves were actually loose! Alas, no more.


After my pink 70’s pullover taught me about gauge, I was determined to Get It Right. I made a swatch, counted my stitches and rows per inch, and laboriously (and, yes, it was tortuously complicated — I remember feeling breathless with relief when my saddle stitch counts matched up with corresponding pieces just like the original pattern did) recalculated the sweater, since the pattern had a different gauge. This was my second garment, and I hadn’t yet caught on to the idea of changing needle sizes to get a different gauge. As for trying to match yarn, without Ravelry, without knowledge of the start of the knitting explosion on the internet, I was marooned on an island of my own resources and understanding. I knew, from the gauge information and needles required that it was fairly thin yarn. So I went and bought some fairly thin but reasonably soft, unbranded, acrylic yarn. I still use the remainders as scraps to hold live stitches.

The body of the pullover is a fairly simple construction, relying on ribbing for a clingy fit. The front is deeply split above the hem ribbing and a CC band fills the gap. Both front and back end with a raglan shoulder. The sleeves are unusual: they start as raglans and continue as saddles along the top of the shoulder. But the saddles themselves are split into two, with decreases along both sides of the split; you’re left with two long, skinny, triangles which are seamed together to form a fatter, triangular, saddle.

Funny how memories surface. I remember knitting this at a friends place and her little brother commenting on how hypnotic it was to watch. And then and old friend called, but I didn’t want to meet up that day and was flying to Bangalore the next day. I also remember watching an episode of Horizon or Nova on the flight, and wondering if I should have met my friend. That was November 2006.

Ravelled here.


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