Vintage Vednesday

(Sounds snappier than Wintage Wednesday?)

This one, ladies and gentlemen, I do believe, is my first self-knit garment!


My mother won an academic prize in college, and the loot consisted of a book on nuclear physics and a magazine of knitting and crochet patterns. She was very pleased, because they covered her interests perfectly!

The pattern magazine is “Fashion Knits 73”, by Patons, and features, among other things, a rather medieval-looking, cowl-hooded wedding dress in seed stitch! Apart from these … curiosities… many of the patterns are quite stylish and wouldn’t look odd today. I’ll probably feature more of them later, but this post is the story of the pink sweater.


In the book, it is part of a coordinating set and has stripes. My own sweater is plain, and was born out of extreme frustration – a combination of shopping hatred and lack of winter garments. I thought gauge was a vague thing only advanced knitters needed to consider, and spent the last quarter of 2004 making a too-short and too-wide vest. A couple of years later, in 2006, I ripped it out and re-knit it after making several corrections: notably adjusting stitch counts to my own gauge but also finessing the appearance by ensuring that the fat ribs were aligned with three thin ones instead of being offset.

I don’t wear it at all because the yarn, which seemed the ultimate in fuzzy elegance when I started knitting, now feels very acrylic-y to my snobby fingers. Come to think of it, I hardly wore it when I made it, because I always need full coverage in winter. I think I’ll gift it to someone instead of torturing the yarn with another unravelling!

 Ravelled here.


4 thoughts on “Vintage Vednesday

    1. Oooh that apricot set (the first pic in your link) is one of my favourites! Not sure whether I could pull it off though. And yes, the hooded wedding dress is insane, thanks for linking!

  1. it’s so interesting to look back on our early knits and think about the choices we made- I knit a skirt in acrylic yarn and had to buy more, and of course the dye lots were different…. so many lessons learned!

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