Navy Flowers

I finally sewed after a long time; I think the last time I touched my machine was in January? To tell the truth, the whole Robson process had exhausted me a little mentally, so I just didn’t want to sew for a while.


Now then. This is a top based on my ancient sloper, which is a modified-beyond-all-recognition version of the Sew U Shirt. The sleeves and armscyes I substituted from the Colette Laurel, but I added a bit of fabric to the front curves of both, because the original pulled uncomfortably tight. I took out a lot of the curve from the back shoulder of the sleeve, but probably could take out a bit more since it’s still puffy. I didn’t do the front vertical darts, and also straightened out the waist curve, so I could have more fabric for gathering. The fabric is about 1m of regular cotton, nothing special.


Gathered cuffs:


Beautiful inner meeting of neckband and buttonband. I followed the instructions from Grainline studio and it turned out perfect! I had always approached V necks with reluctance before, despite the fact they look flattering on me, since I could never cut a neck+buttonband with the V swerving off at exactly the correct angle. There was always some excess fabric to be discretely tucked and folded away. But this method uses a bias strip for the neck and all the raw edges fold inside so neatly!


Side splits:

hem split

Flower buttons! The main print has giant flowers, so I thought, why not? Also, I think this is the first time I’ve made buttonholes with my machine. They came out pretty well, and I can’t imagine why I was so full of trepidation about the capacity of my machine before.


Finally, a channel for the cord, which itself was made of some slippery fabric so it would slide smoothly.


I really like this! The colour makes it a basic neutral, but the print and buttons relieve it from being boring. It’s great as a casual summer top.


6 thoughts on “Navy Flowers

    1. It takes a lot of iterations. This one is based on a basic sloper I made in 2012, and have been making tweaks to ever since, refining the fit with every garment I made with it. I think it’s been through five iterations already! And despite all that, I eventually had to substitute in sleeves and armscyes from another pattern altogether!

  1. Your new blouse is beautiful! I like the details you added with the sleeve ruffle and the waistline channel. Both make this stand out! I have had a bit of a break from my sewing machine also. I think I have some mental exhaustion also. And, the season is changing here. I’ve been spending a lot of time in the garden doing yard work, which brings with it a completely different type of exhaustion. I think I’m almost ready to sit down and sew again. 😀

    1. Thank you! I find sewing much more exhausting than knitting. Partly because I’ve been knitting longer than sewing, and partly because undoing incorrect sewing is so much more tedious than ripping knitting! I find myself sewing in spurts and taking long breaks in between. I don’t think I can be one of those people who sews a little bit each day!

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