Blooming Sweater in Progress!

The body of my Nightblooms and Seedpods pullover (so named after the yarn colour and stitch pattern) is done and sleeves have been started. I would say that the fully stockinette sleeves should go really fast, but that would jinx things terribly, so I won’t.

It’s a simple stockinette pullover with three repeats  of a beautiful botanical stitch pattern, out of a Japanese dictionary, in the centre. I did a careful row count before starting and placed the starting row of the stitch pattern so that the v-neck split would occur exactly where the pattern itself splits into a V shape. An applied i-cord finishes the neck.

The middle column is exactly half out of phase with the others. I felt it would create more visual interest to have the seedpods staggered rather than in a row.


The simplest way to knit this would have been to write out two pattern repeats next to each other, but of course I was too lazy and instead wrote down two columns of row numbers (one for each out-of-phase repeat), which made things a bit maddening. But it got done, eventually.


I may end up with not quite enough yarn for full or even three-quarter sleeves, meaning I’ll have to take out one pattern repeat from the bottom of the sweater. Sigh!




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