Burrard the Second

My almost second attempt at the Burrard is on the needles. I had finished the back and both sleeves before I decided to block them. <Insert sad face>. It appears I measured the gauge while the swatch was still mildly damp, and doing its usual superwashy, spready thing. Once it was bone dry, it sprang back into a compact, dense fabric, and the pieces would maybe have fit me when I was 17. Maybe.

sleeves small

So anyway… I’ve caught up now and have only the collar to do. Yarn ball remnants, starting top right and clockwise, of Front, Back, Sleeve , Sleeve and Swatch are below. I expected the front to eat much more yarn, but with the deep gap for the collar I still managed to finish in under a skein. The collar should use up all these remnants!

small remnants

Let’s do a quick pattern analysis.

Like / Keep
– Those cables! Yummy!
– That shawl collar!
– The deep, ribbed front band!
– The general lusciousness!

– I need a pullover, so that’s what I’m making.
– I need a quick pullover, so the back is all stockinette, and the cabled pattern of the back will be moved to the front.
– All stockinette back and sleeves can be a tiny bit boring, so I’m adding the outer cable pattern to the sleeves.

Final Pattern
– I generated a relaxed fit pullover with Custom Fit, and added 10% more width to the sleeves and front after the ribbing, to account for cable compression.
–  I added a cabled panel to the sleeves.To make it flow organically from the cuff rib, I had to shift the cable panel a tiny bit to the front of the sleeve, mirroring both the cable and panel positioning on the other sleeve. Once I positioned the cable panel, it was too delicious to not continue up the shoulder as a saddle!
– Omitted the final BOs on top of the sleeves to continue the panel as a saddle.
– Since the saddle takes up some shoulder space, the front and back armscye lengths are reduced by half the width of the saddle.
– Bound off a chunk of sts in the centre front for a low V-neck, and will fill it in with a deep, ribbed, shawl collar.


6 thoughts on “Burrard the Second

  1. The cables are lovely! Can I ask how you decided on 10% to compensate for the cable width? I’d like to try cables with CustomFit as well.

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