Why I Love Steeks

See those tbl columns? Imagine the annoyance of working them from the WS? I don’t have to! I knit both Ondawa sleeves simultaneously, with steeks in between. Then sealed the steek edges with machine stitching lines…



Voila! Two Ondawa sleeves!


And that’s not all…



12 thoughts on “Why I Love Steeks

  1. I have to admit that I am petrified of trying steeks. There’s a couple of color work sweaters I adore… And that’s what is holding me up. They’re not so intimidating? Jump right in?

    1. Absolutely! Even cotton (a really slippery fibre) can be steeked, so wool is no problem at all! Just be sure to secure the edges using a method appropriate for the yarn you’re using.

  2. It looks like you secured your steek with a zigzag stitch? Most machine-sewn steek instructions I’ve read advise using a straight stitch. Your execution details so often have thoughtful reasons behind them, so I’m curious: what’s your take on zigzag vs straight in this application? (Unless I’m confused about what I’m seeing — always possible!)

    I still haven’t tried a machine sewn steek myself because I have an irrational fear that something disastrous will happen when I put my hand knitting into my sewing machine. I know, I need to practice on a swatch and get over it already 🙂

    1. I did do a straight stitch at first, but it seemed to me that the machine stitches didn’t pierce the knitting enough… the interlocking point (of bobbin and needle thread) always seemed to slip into the gaps between the yarn. So I went over the straight stitching lines with a zigzag stitch for double insurance!

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