2014 Roundup

Another year, another chapter closed! I managed to put out an ok-ish number of projects this year, but with unprecedented amount of travelling, my output was  considerably lower than last year. Behold:

002 2014 knit 1

From top left to bottom right, Milk Maiden, Undergrowth, Strawberry Hat, Rosamund’s Cardigan, Opposite Pole, Chestnut Cable Knee Highs, Bubbly Cowl, Boticelli Tunic, Sweet Copper Beret.

I also did a Man Sweater:

small whole 2


And released a Custom Fit Recipe:


I also sewed a bit:

002 sew 2014 1

From top left to bottom right, Border Print Taffy, Project Bag, Sleeping Pajamas, Ruffled Top, Colette Dahlia, Botanical Taffy, two more Project Bags, and Sleeping Shorts.

I hope you all have a wonderful new year full of things you want to come true!





4 thoughts on “2014 Roundup

  1. Happy new year! Thanks for your blog, I really love reading about the beautiful things you make and it inspires me a lot!

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