And it is done!

small whole 1

I had to do a fair bit of thinking and research before casting on. First, I needed to see if such a thing was possible at all, ie was there anyone similarly crazy enough to attempt making a giant man-size sweater in fingering weight yarn. A second, and more pertinent reason was to find recommended ease. But here I drew a blank. Most searches threw up obvious information, that ease = wearing ease + design ease. Err, yes, I know that already! I was searching for hints on amounts of ease that flattered men, just like for women’s pullovers a little bit of negative ease in the bust and some positive ease in the waist is recommended. But I found no equivalent for men.

So then I measured some of my husband’s RTW sweaters. They were gigantic in some parts and I did not want that much ease.

Finally, I search Ravelry: Patterns for males in fingering weight. But many of these turned out to have held the yarn doubled, or had projects worked in thicker yarn, so they weren’t much help. After trying several search combinations, I found the best results searching under Projects with fingering weight, tagged with “male”, “men” “boyfriend”, “husband”, etc. There was still no explicit information on ease, but I could see how these sweaters fitted wearers and make guesstimates from there.

So I decided to have 3” ease in the torso, and 2” in the sleeves, except the wrist which had 3”. The hem is 2” less than the chest, with regular increases along the sides. Three columns of 1×1 twisted ribbing continue from the hem in columns along the sides, creating a good fit. I omitted the planned zip, turning it into a pullover, since I wasn’t sure if the thin fabric could support the weight without getting warped.

small side rib

All these decisions were based on the intended sweater being worn as a thin layer, perhaps with a t-shirt inside, but still non-bulky enough to pull a jacket on over it.

The neck echoes the hem’s 1×1 twisted ribbing, but with mitred corners.

small mitre

Before starting the saddles I added some short rows to the back, raising the centre for better fit.

small short rows

Finally, the sleeves. I wanted to get an accurate estimate of the length, so I cast on provisionally just above the cuff, and worked the cuff ribbing downwards after the sweater had been washed, blocked, and tried on. However, I had to take out a chunk of length at the bottom after the sweater was test-worn; clearly I’m no expert on estimating sleeve length for sweaters with man-ease in the shoulders!

Knitting this was great fun, especially the genius shoulder/yoke/saddle shaping. I see many more in the future!

small whole 2

Pattern: Seamless Hybrid with Shirt Yoke
Yarn: Madelinetosh Merino Light; 420yd = 100g; 100% superwash merino; fingering wt; 6 skeins; “Grey Garden”
Needles: 3.0mm circular metal for everything


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