Thousands of Ways to Show You Care

The Blob is done, but am waiting for an opportunity to take the final modeled FO shots!


One last step before that: how to maximize mileage from hand knit gifts. After all, such gifts are best given sandwiched between a bit of emotional leverage on one hand and dire threats to the recipient if anything happens to the sweater on the other. I’m sure you can handle the threats – this post is about really enhancing the potency of emotional leverage via…

… Stitch Counts!

Simply put, add up stitch counts in each section of the sweater and stitch a reminder of the total somewhere on the sweater. I’ll demonstrate the first section to get you started.

1. Sleeve
a) Cuff = 78sts x 18rows = 1404
b) Straight section = 78sts x 17 rows = 1326
c) Increase section (2 sts increased every 5th row 25 times)
= 80sts x  5 rows + 82sts x 5 rows +  … + 128sts x 5 rows
= 5[80 + 82 + 84 + … + 128]
= 5[80 + 80+2  + 80+4 + … +80+48]
= 5[80×25 + 2+4+…+48]
= 5[2000 + 2(1+2+3+…+24)]

Now substitute the simple summation formula (basically, to add a series of numbers starting from 1 and going to A in increments of one, you multiply A and A+1, and divide the product by 2; so for example, 1+2+3+4+5 = 5×6/2 = 15):

= 5[2000 + 2x(24×25/2)]
= 5[2000 +600]
= 5 x 2600
= 13000
d) Straight section = 130sts x 23 rows = 2990

Adding subtotals a) through d), one sleeve = 18,720
Total of 2 sleeves = 37,440

Working this process for each section I got:
2. Body = 74,572
3. Yoke = 54,818
4. Neck ribbing = 3,240.

Adding 1 through 4, the grand total is:

small label

Which means I pulled a tiny loop through another, with a tiny needle, at least one hundred seventy thousand and seventy times while making this sweater! Actually more, since I had to reduce the sleeves at the end. If those unravelled bits were added then the stitch count would be even higher.

Can’t let anyone forget that, can I?!


10 thoughts on “Thousands of Ways to Show You Care

  1. WHOA! Yes, shouting. That is brilliant. I have just the ribbing to do on a vest for my husband, and I will now shortly be figuring out the stitches. In fact, I think I may go back and figure out the last two sweaters I gave him. This is the best gift tip I’ve seen all year. And, you knit beautifully. A beautifully smooth stockinette is not really the easiest thing.

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