Half a Chestnut

I’m suffering from serious second-sock-syndrome, people. I decided to make a pair of Cabled Knee Highs, but extended them to well over my knee in 2×2 ribbing and reinforced the sole with the slip stitch pattern commonly used on heel flaps.

small foot 01

It looks nice on the foot, the colour is a very delicious That Ol’ Chestnut  in Dragon Sock, and the fit is good overall.


But omg the thigh high ribbing! I now loathe ribbing like I loathe nothing else. I suppose the second sock will have to wait a while to materialize!

small folded 03

The sock is so long, I couldn’t even get the whole thing into one picture without resorting to some cunning origami folds to show all the textures.



10 thoughts on “Half a Chestnut

  1. The first pair of socks I knitted were up to the knee ones with turn-overs as requested by someone I knew. I have been knitting short socks ever since! All that length and lots of rib is a bit draining. 🙂

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