Travelers Yarns

My brain is a little weird in that I find the explanations of magic tricks more charming than the tricks themselves. I actually enjoy re-reading mystery stories because you know exactly where you’re going, and so have time to pay attention to the literary scenery and admire the writer’s craft in planting clues artfully. I like shifting focus to the background and seeing it burst into detail!

And that, people, was a slightly awkward segue into postal tracking numbers. I love them. They reveal a glimpse of the inner workings of countries’ aviation systems, postal systems and impex processes – I warned you my brain was weird!

I once FedEx-ed  a package from Bangkok to Bangalore, naturally assuming that it would travel on one of the numerous direct flights between the two cities. But the package flew north to Guangzhou, southwest to Mumbai and then southeast to Bangalore. Why, why why????? What made it more efficient for them to do that???? Is that a regular hopping route for FedEx planes? Do they have a giant sorting facility in Guangzhou? So many questions, so much new information!

Final segue: I nerdishly tracked this yarn across the postal and Customs systems of two countries, estimating (rather accurately, I’m proud to say) with holidays and weekends how long it would stay at each stage. I noted with interest how exactly the same timestamp (controlled by computers) would appear on similar but slightly different messages (controlled by humans who initially input the standard messages) in the two countries. I saw the same timestamp got updated at different times in different countries. So much information, geography and infrastructure information from a little alphanumeric string! How delightful!

small 1

Oh wait, you’re here for knitting content. Yeah, this is going to be a Seamless Hybrid for my husband.

The sleeves are done (thank you, post-conference hotel nights tv!) and I’m now working on the body. 350+ stitches per round! But that’s how weird my brain is – I offer to knit fingering weight pullovers for 6’5” humans.

small 2


5 thoughts on “Travelers Yarns

  1. that yarn looks soooo lovely! what an amazing path it took to get to your door, but it looks like it was worth it!

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