Pondering the Barefoot Milk Maiden

Thank you everyone, for the interest in the Shifting Sands Recipe! I’ve never seen such a jump in stats before, and those little Paypal notifications make me very happy 🙂

Now I’ve been working on Milk Maiden from Brave New Knits; before tracking progress, let’s jump into a little pattern analysis.

small crop

What I Love:

  • The square neck
  • The leaves across the front
  • The ribbed bust panel
  • The fitted look

What Must Change:

  • Too clingy – 5 inches negative ease!
  • Neck just a tad too deep – I don’t want to wear a visible shirt under the pullover all the time, because nothing really will coordinate with the leafy neckline.
  • Sleeves too short – if it’s cold enough to wear wool, it’s cold enough to require coverage.

All the above are easy to fix: I generated a sweater via CustomFit with minimal ease and a deep scoop neck which I changed to a square neck by doing all the BOs in one row. Also, because that ribbed bust panel is such a feature, I changed it to twisted rib to make the vertical lines really prominent, and echoed that at the hem and cuffs as well.

And finally, something about the neckline instructions in the pattern just didn’t feel right. It just was too fussy, as if soldered on to an existing garment. So I poked around, and found a CLUE! Look at the designer’s post about the sample here – the neck is five leaves wide and the garter edges are very narrow. But by the time the sample is photographed for the book, the neckline has wider garter edges and one leaf less. Curiouser and curiouser!

My guess is that the original design (which was inspired by a medieval European, wide, almost-falling-off-the-shoulders neckline) was deemed too impractical and those garter strips were widened to compensate.

And that’s today’s edition of pattern investigation / analysis nerdery. Next episode when I start a new project!


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