The purple turtle skirt. Look at those hexagons! Almost alien looking! This skirt is not going to be wearable at work except the casualest-est of Fridays.

small 01

The pattern starts with waist triangles. The first hexagon is attached by picking up along the bottoms of two adjacent triangles and casting on for remaining stitches to form the outline of the hexagon, which is then knitted in the round with decreases to shape it flat. Then the next hexagon’s stitches are picked up from one side of the first hexagon and two triangles while the rest of the stitches are cast on. And so on, attaching each hexagon as it is created. It’s a good way to avoid sewing up all the pieces at the end! In the photo below, I’ll be picking up stitches along the vertical edge of the leftmost hexagon, then along the left edge of the attached triangle, then the right edge of the unattached triangle, and casting on the remaining sts. Then I’ll work inwards, in the round.

 small 02

A couple of things puzzled me about the pattern:

1. It’s very adamant that stitches have to be picked up alternately with the skein yarn and CO tail yarn. I tried this for one hexagon and found no advantage. So I just picked up with the skein yarn alone and did a knitted CO at the free edges. This also meant not having to do tedious yarn estimates of how long a tail to leave to accomplish the alternate pick ups and free edge COs. Win!

2. The presence of a zip. It’s a handknit skirt. Why go to all the bother of inserting a zip? I firmly decided against it and accordingly, instead of 5 full and 2 half waist triangles, I’m doing did 6 full waist triangles with 6 full hexagons dangling off them.

Best thing? The waist triangles are small enough to act as swatches. Just make sure that their longest edge x 6 can go around your waist. I’m knitting at a very tight gauge, so am making hip size 43.75.

Also, the pattern has you flip the garment at the end so that the reverse stockinette texture is on the RS. It makes for a much smoother transition between colours too.

small 03



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