Under 60

Done and done!

small front

I had planned lots of modifications, like making the circular bit smaller behind the neck, and adding pockets, but finally did none of that. Laziness, what can I say? That, and the pleasure of following a really well written pattern. I might have made more of an effort with a fitted construction, but the circular body ensures it’ll fit without any mind breaking calculations, so why bother?

I did modify the sleeves: the garter cuff is longer and I made a tulips buttonhole to insert my thumb. Just to ensure my palm stays warm in winter.

 small thumb

Because this is totally a winter cardigan. It’s squishy, it’s fuzzy, it’s heat-stroke-inducing warm, it’s like a soft cuddle. Worth it.

Pattern: Opposite Pole
Yarn: Cascade Eco Highland Duo; 70% Alpaca, 30% Merino;180m (197yd) = 100g; Aran wt; 5.75 skeins; “Toffee”. The yarn estimates are generous. I used around 300yds less than the smallest size yardage, even though I made one size up.
Needles: 5.5mm square and 5.5mm round. See here for why these two are different.

small back


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