Bagging It

I made some project bags over a couple of days. So easy, so rectangular, so straight!

1. Small Project Bag

P1080039 P1080040

This actually is rather small and would be ideal for a sock or thin sweater. I love the way the drawstring is inserted; the hole in the lining left to turn the structure right side out is also the hole for the drawstring. Two clean lines of sewing finish the top and make the drawstring channel.

2. Yin Yang Bag

P1080041 P1080044

I got lazy with this and instead of eyelets and things, just made regular buttonholes. To accommodate them, I cut the drawstring in half, sewed each half to the outer bag before stitching it to the lining, then topstitched the upper edge closed. Then I passed each string through the buttonhole on its opposite flap, and joined the free ends of the strings with a flap of fabric.

3. Large Project Bag

P1080045 P1080046

Made with the same method as 1., but larger. Also, I wanted to practice the adorable reverse ‘window’ applique technique at the bottom of this page. I didn’t bother to handstitch the window since this was just a practice run, but love the effect and am planning mightier things.

None of these were made with very great forethought, and none are interfaced. This makes them very floppy, but they’re just to bundle my WIPs into, right? As for the projects themselves, artfully spilling out of the bags:

1. Long forgotten Bottoms Up: perhaps now I’ll be inspired to take it up now and then?
2. Opposite Pole: is done! Look for an FO post soon.
3. Boticelli Tunic: the body is done and I’m starting the sleeves and collar next.


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