April Debutantes

Spending all of last year on sweaters has given me a raving appetite for small items: caps, gloves, cowls and more! But there were still sweaters I dreamed of knitting, queued forever, which I couldn’t bring myself to remove during my occasional queue purges. So I took some time to plan for them, thought of modifications to make them fit into my winter wardrobe gaps, even down to suitable colours.

Next up:

1. Snapping Turtle Skirt: I’m planning this as the brainless filler. Whenever I’m zombied out  from work, I’ll work on a hexagon. That’s the plan, anyway! In Katia Azteca, a palette of purples, greys, lilacs and pink.


2. Boticelli: You’ve already met this one.

Whole small

3. Opposite Pole: exactly as written, perhaps with pockets. I may reduce the width of the collar section, so that it doesn’t need to be folded so many times behind the neck. This soft squishy yarn is Cascade Eco Highland Duo in “Toffee”, undyed alpaca and merino. See why I make L-shaped swatches. 


4. Drops Blah Blah: who can remember the long alphanumeric strings of Drops pattern names?! This will be a tunic, with very subtle colourwork: I deliberately chose a brown with strong reddish undertones. Both are Cascade 220, in “Red Wine Heather” and “Cordovan”. Most of the colourwork will be near the hem, fading to dots by the waist. A very toned down interpretation of the pattern will lie along a scooped neckline, ending with a cowl or folded funnel neck with crisp twisted ribbing.



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