Fresh Faces

This year, I am avoiding maniacal sweater knitting!

But as usual, I abhor the calculations, deliberations and contemplations that precede starting a project. In other words, I’m sticking to my old system of creating a harem – oh that’s so cutesy, let’s call it boringly, but appropriately, a “batch” – of projects, so that for the next few weeks I can just knit, without having to open my stash shelf and glaring at the yarn, willing it to suggest the perfect pattern to show off its colour and texture. I generally buy yarn with specific projects in mind, but by now I have lots of leftovers from big projects, and am itching to put them to good use. Also, after a good old foggy and cold winter, I realized the utter necessity of a large selection of hats, cowls, mitts and socks. Here goes:

Undergrowth: I’d bought one skein of each colour (Nikke Victor Neo-Middle) to test a colourwork idea. The idea crystallized, but the yarn remained unused.  Therefore, a hat. The colours are slightly duller in real life, the pink tending towards maroon and the gold a decided tan. But I like them, especially their muted contrast; it reminds me of old brocade.

Undergrowth - beginning

Only after I uploaded the photo did I realize that this is the exact combination, several shades darker, of my wedding sari.

undergrowth sari

Also, this yarn is padded with a sponge in the middle of the skein!

Yarn sponge

Rosamund’s Cardigan: Still one-armed! I will get to it, I promise. Anyway, in worsted weight an arm should be less than a weekend’s work, correct?

one armed 1

Also, pretty cables: 

one arm 2

Boticelli (No pattern, my own): The pocket fronts are done, and the awful lumpiness behind them is the back of the tunic and pocket flaps bunched up on a circular needle.

boticelli back flaps small

Druidess Beret: In generic yarn I found in Delhi, not started yet. After the beret, I’ll attempt a cowl and/or mitts to make a set.

druidess Beret start

Sweet Honey Beret: Lovely Madtosh DK Twist in “Copper Penny” which, however, reminds me instead of young wood and living sap.  I really hope I have enough for a pompom on top. If not, I’ll opt for one in red or green yarn.

sweet copper beginning

So that’s the current batch! Also, I have cunningly chosen projects (most of) which can be worked on the wood/bamboo needles I own. Yes, that’s right, I have more long-distance flights in my near future.



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