Anniversary Post

Why yes, I’m still here. No, not affected by the epidemic of blog death. I started this blog just to have the freedom to write about delightful things, gorgeous colours, perfect fit and a few tips and techniques I’ve picked up along the way.

And it was in reaction to the kind of writing I have to do at work, where we have to always think about the impact of whatever we put out there, because it will be scrutinized by countless ‘stakeholders’, friends, enemies and frenemies. (Tangentially: of all the jargon floating around “stakeholders” has to be the most annoying! With “game-changing” a close second!). I was dying to write, about things which interested me and me alone, without having to worry about its impact on others, who were free to read it or not. So it was an utterly unexpected delight to have readers actually visiting the blog, taking the time to comment or pin or share; and for that, Thank You!!!

And all this to say that yes, I’m still around and wanting to blog, but have realized that the kind of blogging I’ve started (ie, craft blogging) relies heavily on the availability of good photographs and progress on projects. And ummm… for the last three months I have had neither. It’s been a time of pretty dramatic changes in my work life, combined with lots of travel, and while my work has been successful, it’s left me – dare I say it?! – too exhausted to knit. And sewing, of course, is impossible without access to my sewing machine – I really don’t have it in me to carry hand-sewing supplies on trains, planes and automobiles, across cities, dense forests and airports!

And all that to say: finally I’m in a hotel room with white sheets (so important for an uncluttered background) AND in weather which provides semi-decent light AND an internet connection, all at the same time! Also, serendipitously, when I started uploading this post, WordPress kindly informed me that my third blogging anniversary is today, so to celebrate that, behold! Crafting Progress!

1. Rosamund’s Cardigan, which now just lacks an arm and a good blocking. After that I can wear it closed with a pin until the perfect buttons manifest themselves.  (Old photo, since the actual sweater is packed away at present.)

Collage 32. Boticelli Tunic, whose details I’ll spin into another post because, you know, that’s what we dying breed of bloggers do.

pocket small



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