Beginning Beatnik


Beatnik is now on my needles and the flecky, tweedy, cabled surface is just as gorgeous as I had planned it to be.

The sweater is nearly one-third done, and of course I have modifications. I considered the:

  1. Practicality – of having a thick, cabled, sweater in a wool/angora blend with only ¾ sleeves. Not very useful. I’m not going to wear this sweater unless it’s cold, which means long sleeves. But with long sleeves, there would be a too-much-ness of texture and colour and heavy fabric – so I also changed the…
  2. Neckline – into a V-neck. I do adore the folded over collar though, so may do a similar edging around the V-neck. To keep things simple, I’m …
  3. Working in the round – setting in sleeves seamlessly as I go, and steeking the neck. Pictures will follow! Converting this to in-the-round is really easy since the cable panels remain the same and size differences are made up with the moss stitch sections at each side.

And finally, the swatch and knitting, arm-in-arm:


See the difference in horizontal stretch? It is really, really necessary to do a swatch incorporating most of the cable patterns used, when preparing for a thickly cabled sweater like this, particularly if you’re modifying sizing. Using the swatch, I calculated how wide the total cable sections would be, and then used gauge readings from the moss stitch section to calculate side shaping and length according to my measurements.

The yarn is Berocco Blackstone Tweed in “Plum Island”. I was amazed that my camera managed to capture the colour, since it’s had so much trouble with purples before. It is a beautiful yarn, but oh the amount of vegetable matter in it! If I were a botanist I would probably be able to identify the very pasture the sheep were in. The pieces are tiny, invisible to the quick glance and so incorporated into the plies that knitting fingers cannot feel and pluck them out. But once part of the fabric, their sharp little tips poke out and my lap feels sandpapered. I’m hoping that blocking will soften them.

But perhaps everything will be forgiven in a colour like this?



One thought on “Beginning Beatnik

  1. Great colour! I’m intrigued to see how your mods will turn out – I finished my Beatnik last winter and I LOVE it, but agree that the short sleeves aren’t really practical in cold weather.

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