Cranberry Nectar


The third Cascade Ultra Pima FO, in so many months! I love this yarn: so smooth, shiny and — miraculously for cotton — non-painful to knit. I want to make so many pretty summer tops, some pale, some vibrant: The Twist Front, Lotus Blossom, Flutter Sleeve and Petal Halter!

Today’s FO is in a ripe and juicy colour, “Cranberry”. I loved the cable panel and square neck of Ambrosia, but who on earth wears a summer top cut so deep that one needs a t-shirt underneath? Also, this kind of vertical opening looks really cute buttoned up the middle with the top and bottom casually left open — but then again, the snug fit means ugly gaping buttonbands. Brainwave: work back and forth at the bottom, then in the round for the ‘buttoned up’ torso section, then back and forth again at the top!

Once that was decided, I just plugged in my numbers from the Delysia camisole and made this bottom up since I find it much easier to fit that way. Also added polished turned hems and cuffs, and took out the waist ribbing, which is not only very unnecessary but also disrupts the smooth lines of this lovely pattern.



Pattern: Ambrosia in Interweave Knits Summer 2010

Yarn: Cascade Ultra Pima; 100% cotton; 100g = 201m; “Cranberry”; dk wt; 3.75 skeins

Needles: 3.5mm


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