Serial Monogamy…

… is no longer working for me.

Up to now, I freely admit, I’ve been that rare cuckoo who worked on one project at a time. I don’t have a stash — I do buy several sweaters’ worth of yarn together but with a definite project in mind for each. And then mostly don’t buy more yarn till the planned projects are done (I only allowed myself a treat and bought yarn for no reason when I had a tooth extracted). Yeah, I’m that type and mostly proud of it. It’s not that I don’t want scads of lovely yarn; just that I feel itchy and unsettled if I have lots of stuff lying around, purposelessly. And that feeling is intensified when there are UFOs – part of my mind and attention are constantly on them, a nagging feeling of incompletion. I like to immerse myself in a project and come out triumphant, waving an FO.

However, that’s just not working any more. I’m so much a product (as opposed to process) knitter, I want to produce more and more! But very often now, I come home exhausted, and can’t deal with the calculations, swatching and casting on needed to start a project. Result: days wasted with no knitting! I need to have several projects swatched, initial steps calculated and cast on already, so I can just pick them up and knit. And I’m going to get over the too-many-UFOs discomfort by telling myself that these are really not even UFOs, they’re just potential ideas, Not Yet Real.

The ways in which we have to cajole our minds, to get things done!

So, finally, to the point of this post: Pretty pictures of the Not Yet Reals:

1. Whisper – turned from NYR to current UFO


2. Aidez – cast on, tensing its muscles at starting block


3. Ambrosia – cast on



6 thoughts on “Serial Monogamy…

  1. I’m usually a one-at-a-time knitter, too, but lately I’ve been craving having on my needles one sweater, one shawl, and one sock. I think I’m going to go for it!

  2. I’m mostly a one-at-a-time knitter too. And ditto with yarn and yarn stash. I still can’t do 2 big ones at a time, but sometimes go for a scarf or something smaller alongside.

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