Here’s the first sleeve of the pretty Whisper cardigan from Interweave Knits, Spring 2009:


And because the yarn colour is “Tiger Eye Mix“, I’m naming the project Tiger Whisperer.  Try and stop me!

I’m planning tons of mods — of course! I get lots of questions on Ravelry about my modifications to projects, so let’s do a pattern analysis, it’s been a while since the last one.

What is the construction? 
A tubular shrug knit cuff-to-cuff with a ribbing added around the bodice opening. And then, a cardigan back attached to the bottom of the ribbing.


  • Easy and flattering shrug construction — keep.
  • Light and delicate effect — keep, but knit with warm yarn so that it’s not useless as a cardigan.
  • Extremely flattering ribbing around body and neck opening — keep! Enhance by making it in twisted rib with a tubular or picot BO.


  • Fabric looks wrinkly and raw — I know many people loved precisely this about the pattern, but I hated it. I’m going to knit with a drapey yet warm yarn, at a gauge where stitches will look like fabric and not tissue paper.
  • Edges look raw — hate it! I’m loath to break the delicate lines of the garment with a rib or turned hem, so am going to try twined knitting at the cuffs and bottom of the back. At least, that was my intention when I drafted this post. Having tried it, I can state with great confidence that twined knitting most certainly does curl! So I’ve left the cast on provisional for now, and will probably do an i-cord BO at the end.
  • Short belled sleeves — very unflattering on me. I’m reducing the bell and making it longer. I’m a shivery person, particularly in air conditioning, and so have a strict agreement with my body against exposure on all peripherals. I keep it comfortable and it allows me to work without misery. Since the neck and front of this cardigan are open, I’ll need full sleeves.
  • Short wide body — looks like manta ray fins. No, no, no! Will elongate the body, make sure it’s attached further out in front to the ribbing and increase sides gently. Also, will add a rolled slip stitch edge for structure.


In short: The cardigan was designed as an breathy whisper. I’m going to turn it into a confident undertone.


3 thoughts on “Whisper-ish

  1. I perfectly agree with you about the pros and cons about this sweater.
    I was (and am) very tempeted to cast on but I have to “resist”.
    Have you considered raglan-sleeve construction like “two-tone ribbed shrug” in Fitted Knits by Stefanie Japel for the upper part?

    I admire your gorgeous knitting things, hope you will share your progress on this cardigan.
    Thank you for writing your blog.

    1. Yes, I did consider it, but wanted to try out the cuff to cuff construction of whisper. I’m already knitting the body, will soon know if my mods worked!

      Thank you for your kind words about my knitting.

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