Blood Red Delysia



While I like the pattern, I am in love with the yarn. Did you ever see such a deep, glowing, intense red? Look at at the sheen, and feel the softness! Cascade Ultra Pima is a yummy DK weight, with none of the wrist-breaking proclivities often seen in cotton yarns. And it feels soft too, a dense, creamy sort of softness. Definitely an aristocrat among fibres from Kingdom Plantae!

The pattern, Delysia Camisole, is basically a tube top with eyelets to allow threading a ribbon through, thereby also attaching the straps. Clever!

I modified it — of course — thus:

1. Bottom up, since I find it easier to shape this way.

2. No ribbing at bottom — makes for nasty tummy cling — added folded hem instead.

3. Added a lot of body shaping via decreases and increases, all positioned to be hidden behind the straps.

4. Added extra short-rowing to each half-front, to create a slight sweetheart shape to neckline.

5. Omitted button band overlap – I worked a few stitches in stockinette and sewed on buttons for a faux button-band.

6. Increased width of straps by a couple of inches from neck to shoulder, to enhance the sweetheart-ishness of the neck.

7. I also didn’t lay the straps exactly on top of the eyelets created in the body; instead I lay them in what seemed to me a more flattering line and wove the ribbon directly through the knit fabric of the body in some sections.


I have one whole skein left, and want to bite it, just for the colour. I NEED its vivid glow next to my face and neck; isn’t it a most jewel like colour? I’m thinking, When Sampson met Lila, with the body in grey or navy blue, but am worried the red will bleed into the other colour… what say?

Pattern: Delysia Camisole by Jordana Paige, Brave New Knits
Yarn: Cascade Ultra Pima; 100% cotton; 201m = 100 g; 3.05 skeins; DK weight; “Wine 3713”
Needles: 3.5mm circular.



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