What Now?

Well my pretties, let’s see where we are:

The yoke is eye-catching:


The cuffs (unsewn) are neat:

… but the cardigan as a whole is B-o-r-i-n-g!

(I cannot bear to take a picture of the whole thing yet.)

The truth is, I’m utterly underwhelmed by this cardigan.

I’m not sure why I’m not madly in love with the beast. Perhaps it’s the high round neck? I don’t usually wear those, but decided to make the pattern as written. Or is it the extra length? But I like long cardigans, and have others of this length, very flattering. Maybe it’s the colour? It’s so… plain! Oh there are subtle highlights and texture, I grant you, but the basic colour is a boring yellow-beige, without the sensation of glorious abundance promised by its name, “Wheat”.

Yes, it’s definitely the colour. The long stretch of boring burlap colour. But fear not, I have a Plan! I’m going to add slouchy, pouchy pockets, a la Manu; topped with garter rib and trimmed with green like the cuffs. I defy any cardigan to remain boring after that!

PS: isn’t this glowy, diffused, returning-monsoon lighting gorgeous?!


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