I really should take my own advice. And swatch swatch swatch!

As you saw in my last post, I was attempting a fair-isle like colour shift, where hues and tones symmetrically wax and wane  about a horizontal axis. Alas! I now realise that the idea would have only looked good in yarns very close in tone, so that the tonal shift created the effect of gentle convexity.  But my two greens were quite different; the shift was jarring; and the abrupt change cluttered up the elegance of what should have been a single elegant vine swirling around the yoke.

The offending colour-work has been ripped out, and now re-done in a single crisp shade of green. I’m not that annoyed about it (hah!), since some of my lower floats were rather small and were cramping the swooping curves. At least, that’s what I’m saying to comfort myself.


For those who want to replicate this:

  • On the set-up row and row 6, while working the 1-to-5 increase, work the middle stitch in the background colour.
  • On row 5,  work one stitch in CC where the 1-to-5 increase will grow out of on the next row. Ideally, this would be done on the row below the set-up row as well, but that would create extremely long floats.
  • Really, really , really stretch stitches on the needle to get loooooong CC floats when working the row after those increases. Remember, you want to create an almost horizontal base for the curve, not a V shape. You will not be able to stretch them the optimal amount, because of the nature of the 1-to-5 increases. Make sure you have puffy little CC loops at the back. Although it’ll look like too much, it’ll help the base of the cable flatten out after a couple of rows.
  • On row 2, work the single stitch which grows out of the bobble and the one outside it in CC. This will create a consistent 2 stitch wide green ‘strand’ for the next row. ‘Outside’ means towards centre-front opening. Work this stitch in MC on row 16.



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