Forest Flower

My Forest Flower is done. I wish I could conjure up a studio and professional photographer to capture its beauty.

Many of the nearly 2000 project pages on Ravelry state how easy this pattern is, and they are right.

Often the sheer beauty of a design makes people knit it, even if the pattern is difficult. This is not one of those patterns. It is really, truly, easy.

What makes a pattern easy? A good pattern is clear and concise. A great pattern has an internal logic and symmetry which makes it impossible to go wrong once you catch its rhythm. This is a great pattern.

Pattern: Echo Flower
Yarn: Madelinetosh Merino Light, fingering weight, “Forestry”, approximately 1.7 skeins
Needles: 4mm for stockinette, 4.5mm for lace pattern, 5mm for BO.
Yarn usage: 1 skein up to middle of 7th repeat, 0.7 skeins for the rest. The nupps consume a lot of yarn!


  • Added stockinette section. Increased 4 stitches on RS (2 on either side of spine, 2 inside garter edge) and 2 stitches on WS (2 inside garter edge). This gave me a longer wingspan as compared to the spine.
  • 7 repeats of flower chart.
  • 9 stitch nupps on border chart. This method made it so easy! No p9tog!



2 thoughts on “Forest Flower

  1. So pretty! I have to say that this pattern has never appealed to me as I’m not a fan of all over lace, but with a stockinette section it’s really a lot more attractive. And the color is so great – Forestry is one of my favorite yarn colors of all time.

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