Day Eight: Will I or Won’t I?

… finish this in 10 days? I think probably not, but I’m ok with that because there was a lot of Other Stuff going on. I’m patting myself on the back kindly, and reminding myself that the point was to get a quick FO, with bouncy, springy wool, instead of working on endless, fingering weight cotton tops. And so, a sweater in 11 or even 12 days is definitely better than a top in 4 four months, right?!

At this point, the body is all done; only the floating bit of cable remains to be sewed down. I’ll wait till after blocking to do that, to allow everything to expand and settle in place. One sleeve is almost done… I had some more ripping last night because I ignored my own rules of ease and made a very tight underarm.

This is the most panic inducing stage for a new knitter – all pieces will look HUGE! Armscyes will dangle halfway to the waist, side seams will reach tunic length. Then the stabilizing magic of seams will whoosh everything into place: first, the sleeves will become human (and not gorilla) size; then the side seams will scuttle into their proper length; once the sleeves are sewn in, the sides will zoom into their proper positions on the torso; finally, after the front bands / collar are applied, all will be well.

What is still annoying me is that I might run out of yarn, perhaps by half a skein.

And just as I wrote that, I thought, wait a sec, I’ve made a sweater with exactly the same yarn before, and I had a bit left over! Did I make that at a looser gauge?

Yes! I used 5mm needles. And no, I don’t need to make another gauge swatch – I’ve got all the calculations written down from the Farmer’s Market Cardigan.

So my sleeves will end up being slightly looser gauge than the body, but that’s all right. I made the body at worsted gauge for an aran yarn, so a mildly looser gauge won’t make a big difference to the look of the sweater.

And that’ll definitely push it to beyond 10 days.


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