Day Seven: Body, Sleeve, Un-Sleeve, Sleeve

the interests of keeping it honest and real, here’s where I was a few hours ago:

  • Fronts – done except for the braid descending the other side.
  • Back – done.
  • Shoulders – shaped and done.
  • Sleeve – started…

I had thought of working a top down sleeve but the moment it reached biceps level, I knew there was a problem. It was massive, nearly 30% larger than it needed to be.

Here’s why: a top down sleeve is worked with short rows. While working short rows – anywhere – the total number of stitches remains the same; only some stitches  are worked more than others to create a bulge in the fabric. So when working a top down sleeve, the total number of stitches to be picked up around the armhole should be the number they need to be at the biceps level. And for me, to pick up that number would mean skipping so many stitches in the pick up row that there would be sloppy gaps around the armscye.

Of course, I could have picked up enough stitches to not have any gaps, and then worked decreases while shaping the arm cap with short rows. The decreases would have brought the stitch count down to what it needed to be at biceps level. I could have done all that, but to tell the truth, I just didn’t want to. I was working the sleeve cap using Magic Loop, and I H.A.T.E. ML. I absolutely detest the way it breaks the rhythm of knitting, to forever slide needle points in and out!

So I ripped out the arm cap, and started working it from the bottom up, as a regular, sewn in sleeve.

Pictures tomorrow!


2 thoughts on “Day Seven: Body, Sleeve, Un-Sleeve, Sleeve

  1. You are so incredibly patient … which will be a huge reward when your beautiful cardigan is finished!

  2. Awww, I hate watching all those inches disappear when I have to rip a significant amount. It becomes some sort of weird competition with myself though to use up all the frogged yarn as quickly as possible. I swear I never knit faster than when I’m replacing ripped out inches.

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