Day Six: Left Front

I’m so relieved that the most complicated front is done!

As you can see, I held the cable braid on a separate needle in front; behind it,  CO enough stitches to cover its width; and then continued knitting with the rest of the body stitches.

When it was time to split for the neck, I decided how much I wanted to shift the cable panel, and moved the neckline BO accordingly. That is, I bound of the same number I had cast on for behind the cable, but off centre.

Next, with new yarn, I worked the cable panel, shaping the diagonal slope with short rows.

See how they’re positioned? At the beginning and end of each pattern repeat there’s a section of simple 2×2 rib, so I tried to keep the short rows in those areas as far as possible.

After the braid had shifted – a giant cable cross worked with the entire braid, as it were – I started knitting the braid with the left front, with the usual neckline and  underarm shaping decreases in the stockinette sections.

Once the body is complete, I’ll sew down the floating section of the braid to make it all lie perfectly flat.

And see how I got my camera to capture the exact, accurate, real, deep purple of this yarn? I have no idea how that happened. None at all


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