Day Five: Some Ripping…

Remember at the planning stage I’d decided to keep the braid almost vertical to the neck and then slope it sharply across the front to make it look like a wrapped top?

The first part was easy: I moved the braid one stitch every 6th row. But the sharp slope came out looking horrible:

I was moving it by two stitches every row, and the line of decreases on one side and increases on the other looked dreadful! So I ripped it out. And pondered on how to solve the problem.

Finally, I held the cable stitches on a spare needle, CO stitches equal to its width behind it, and finished the front in plain stockinette. So much easier to add bust shaping short rows and increases without having to contend with the massive fabric warping caused by trying to move the cable as well!

Once the front is shaped and split for the neck, I’ll work the cable separately, adding short rows to shape the slope, and then start working it together with the left front. The bit of cable that floats over the stockinette under it will be sewed down. If all this sounds utterly complicated, I should have pictures by tomorrow.

Meanwhile, here’s how I added faux seams at the sides, for structure.

Unravel a single stitch from the middle of the underarm…

… all the way down to the ribbing.

Then hook it back up. Now, if you were to hook up each stitch again, that would just be re-doing that column as it was, making the whole exercise pointless; what you need to do is hook two stitches, then one, alternately.

The resulting column (can you see it? It’s the one beginning at the bottom right corner of the picture) blends in pretty well with the rest of the fabric, but forms a good crisp line for folding and blocking. Besides giving the structure of a seam, without having to actually sew. This splendid (and fun!) method is from Knitting Without Tears.

Also, apologies for the blurry pictures! I’m still trying to coax my camera into taking good photographs of anything with red. I’m relieved to know I’m not the only one with this problem! I found this interesting blog post explaining the phenomenon.


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