Day Two: Pockets!

Or at least, one pocket.

At this time, I’m keeping track of front shaping, back shaping (at different rates) and the increases and decreases which shape the slight diagonal slant of the braid. I usually shape my fronts and backs differently: fronts slope at an even rate to the waist, backs slope sharply for 3 inches, then gradually the rest of the way to the waist. This takes away that awkward flap of fabric above the butt.

Since the pocket will lie behind the braid, I split the work along the side of the braid, and am knitting back and forth to create the pocket opening.

I’m also leaving out the side ribbing since I am shaping with decreases instead of relying on clinginess.

Tips for this Stage: 

  • One great tip I read somewhere was to use contrast yarn to keep track of shaping. Just flip it from the RS to WS and then WS to RS, alternately, every time you make an increase or decrease.
  • Position all decreases such that  single columns of stitches move towards the centre of the garment, ‘eating’ stitches.

2 thoughts on “Day Two: Pockets!

  1. I’m just catching up on these posts now. And I agree with the previous commenter — decreasing that way on the back seems so smart!

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