What’s Necks?

(Double groan… that was worse than the last one!)

Vesper‘s neckline is done.

I overcomplicated this almost beyond imagination, and then a little more, by ripping out the old neckline to raise it along the sleeves and back with short-rows. I continued with the raglan decreases along the back, which reduced the neckline circumference considerably. Definite improvement, moving it from Pretty, decorative, peasant top category to Hey, I could actually wear this in Real Life. Raising the neckline also gave me much needed armhole depth.

Now I just have to continue with the bottom, which is all stockinette with three lace panels. Maybe, just maybe, it’ll be simple knitting from now on? Fingers crossed.

I do realise that people must be pretty tired of seeing Vesper in its crumpled, unblocked, trust-me-it’ll-look-better state for the last few months. Let’s move on.

I’m severely deprived of wearable summer tops. In cotton and bamboo, lace and crisp textures, figure skimming and pretty.

I’m thinking:

  • Bottoms Up, with a long, slit neckline and looped button at the top of the neck;
  • Flutter Sleeve, turned into a pullover with a faux button band; and
  • Buttercup, jazzed up with … something.

I’m also thinking I need vibrant happy yarn. How’s this for starters?


2 thoughts on “What’s Necks?

  1. All your project choices are lovely but I’m partial to Buttercup … especially if you knit that in your new yarn … maybe with some beading??

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