Victoria Yoke Pullover

I do love the feast of colours and textures of my knitting. Candy pink! Peacock green! Foliage! Sky Blue! Sunshine! Fuzzy, lacy, cabled, crisp, sleek, shimmering, I love them all. But I still had difficulty in putting together a winter outfit.

After intense brain crunching, I discovered why: I had no base neutral to float all these vibrant colours upon (duh!). Nothing matched with anything else.

Which is how my Victoria Yoke pullover came about: I needed a colourless, odourless sweater, warm but wallflowerish, a self-sacrificing heroine, forever destined to be a support system, the sort who is mentioned – if at all – as a “nice person”.

This is the colour:

It looks like a pale off-white which decided to turn creamy yellow but halfway through settled into a sulky grey instead. In sunlight it almost looks buttery, but everywhere else it is the perfect greige. One might even unkindly call it a Refrigerator Colour.

But does it, or does it, make the perfect backdrop?!!

The high neck and sleeves mean I can devote the rest of my knitting life to lacy jewel coloured scarves without risking a cold in winter. I can make thick chunky sleeveless tunics without fearing my arms will freeze. I can continue to wear my fingering weight cardigans in mid-December. Yay for neutrals!

Pattern: Victoria Yoke Pullover.
Yarn: Filatura di Crosa Zara Chine, 952m (1042yd), 100% superwash wool, dk weight.
Needles: 3.5mm circular
Mods: I knit the pattern as specified upto where the yoke texture stops, and then ignored the pattern and made a very fitted raglan top-down pullover. Usual bust darts, short row shaping, back darts, etc. I finished the neck opening with applied i-cord so I could install a zip behind it. And then mimicked the same kind of opening at the cuffs.


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