Catching Up

Has everyone been experiencing a mad rush of work? Most people I know have!

I am managing to sneak in some knitting, but before this craziness started a couple of weeks ago, I actually finished a sweater which never got blogged about. Oh and a pair of socks too. And wait, there’s a lacy summer top, almost done.

I have proof:

Basic, slightly boring, but Very Necessary sweater:

Pretty socks, still unblocked:

Summer top, uni-sleeved, strangely short, the focus of all my attention now:

Oh hang on, I also swatched for a gigantic future project. Hair conditioner rinses were involved. Sneak peek:

ETA: Apologies to all who saw a quick flash of a new post! I was testing the ‘Schedule’ feature and inadvertently pressed ‘Publish’. That post will be up next week while I’m away travelling šŸ™‚


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