Zickzack Cardigan

It’s done and I love it.

Many times, after a garment is finished, there is something not quite right.  A shoulder BO that is a little too tight, sleeves that are a smidge shorter than they should be – little things like that. Nothing major, nothing that affects the functionality of the piece, only something which you tuck into the back of your mind as a lesson learnt.

And sometimes, none of that happens; the creation almost takes on a life of its own, a whole really much greater than the sum of its parts. Which has happened right now, because this cardigan is perfectly what I envisioned, and more.

The Zickzack Tunic had interested me for a long time – I kept coming back to it, there was potential in there – but I own a similarly shaped top and could see how it made me look like a shapeless column. And then again, a cardigan is so much more useful than a tunic. Merging these two thoughts, I decided to keep the elements I loved – the zigzagging lace pattern, and deep rib texture – and cardiganise the whole thing. But the idea still hovered at the back of my mind, not quite sure where to land in reality, until my brain came up with the idea of mitering the corners of the ribbing; now that would be perfection!

I decided to make the body in one piece, to avoid the horrors of unmatching patterns at the side seams. As worn, the cardigan body appears to flow smoothly, the pattern unchanged, but there’s a ton of shaping going on – at least 3 inches of width decreased within three inches of length to shape the lower back, a more gradual taper up the front, a narrow underbust , two inches of width increased within two inches of length on each front for bust shaping. By keeping all the shaping within the stockinette panels, the pattern seems to flow unbroken.

At the shoulders, however, I had to deal with unmatching patterns. Deciding to brazen out what could not be hidden, I joined them with a three-needle-BO from the outside, and then chain-stitched another line next to it to hide the purl bumps of the BO. After that, I was careful to position two knit stitches in those columns when picking up the collar, to make it all looked planned.

Remember how, in my last post, I talked about fixing the ribbing pick-up line? I had in mind a line of chain stitches, just like my Sideways Spencer:

However, what looked like a good finishing touch on the worsted weight yarn was totally unneccesary for the delicate fingering weight of the Zickzack. Once blocked out, there was really no need to hide the join. I have to admit I felt great relief at not having to chain stitch around the entire ribbing.

The result, I say, is pure happiness.

Pattern – Zickzack Tunic
Yarn – Madelinetosh Merino Light, 1046m (1144yd), in ‘Posy’
Needles – 3.5mm
Ravelled – here


11 thoughts on “Zickzack Cardigan

  1. Wow, that’s so amazing that you made that cardigan using a tunic pattern. It’s absolutely beautiful! I think the picot edging gives it a really nice touch.

  2. Gorgeous cardi! Love it! Much better and more flattering than the original tunic, I think. Do you plan on publishing your modified pattern?? Thanks for your blog…love it!

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