Hah! So my agonised rant against ktbl ribbing, worked back and forth, seems to have galvanised the universe into action, and somehow, the ribbing is DONE! Short-rowing, corner-mitering all DONE!

The corners look like they are knit seamlessly in the round, but are not (hence all the ranting about working ptbls on each WS row). I knit the base and the front-band/collar separately, with an extra stitch at the very edges of each piece. These extra stitches got hidden in the mattress seams, bringing the diagonal ktbl columns snugly against each other. I forced the diagonal shape by increasing in pattern just inside these columns on each RS row.

The ribbing gave me a few moments’ pause about the bind off – I did not want to BO in pattern because that would have made it too tight, the usual stretchy BOs looked sloppy, and the invisible BO caused a slight biasing – however, I discovered that the picot BO made a neat pretty edge while adding another layer of visual interest. Oh, and there’s a tiny hole in the middle of every picot, echoing the lace yarn overs in the main body. Happy coincidence!

Now I only have block and sew the sleeves, knit the cuffs, set in the sleeves, and block the ribbing – easy!

If you look closely, though, you’ll notice that the junction of the zig-zag lace pattern and the picked up rib doesn’t look quite as nice as it could. I have an idea. Stay tuned.


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